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TDBBS Recalls Green Tripe Dog Treats Due to Metal Contamination

Recall Details

Recall Date: June 20, 2024

Affected Products: The recall affects Green Tripe dog treats from two popular brands: Barkworthies and Best Bully Sticks.
Reason for Recall: The treats might contain metal fragments, which could pose serious health risks to pets if ingested.

Product Information

Below is a detailed list of the recalled products, including their UPC codes, item numbers, lot codes, and best-by dates. Check your inventory against this list to determine if you have any of the affected products:

Green Tripe, Barkworthies Brand 7oz Bag
  • Green Tripe, Barkworthies Brand 7oz Bag
    UPC: 816807015686
    Item #: 2015686
    Lot Codes: WO151768, WO152373
    Best-By Dates: February–March 2026
Green Tripe, Best Bully Sticks Brand 2 lb Bag
  • Green Tripe, Best Bully Sticks Brand 2 lb Bag
    UPC: 816807016027
    Item #: 1016027
    Lot Codes: WO152669, WO153321, WO152107
    Best-By Dates: March–August 2026
Green Tripe, Best Bully Sticks Brand 5 lb Bag
  • Green Tripe, Best Bully Sticks Brand 5 lb Bag
    UPC: 816807016010
    Item #: 1016010
    Lot Codes: WO151401, WO152319, WO153179
    Best-By Dates: January–April 2026

Here’s a table for easier viewing reference.

ProductUPCItem #Lot CodeBest-By Date
Green Tripe, Barkworthies Brand 7oz Bag8168070156862015686WO151768, WO152373Feb–Mar 2026
Green Tripe, Best Bully Sticks Brand 2 lb Bag8168070160271016027WO152669, WO153321, WO152107Mar–Aug 2026
Green Tripe, Best Bully Sticks Brand 5 lb Bag8168070160101016010WO151401, WO152319, WO153179Jan–Apr 2026

If your product matches any of these details, it is part of the recall. Please follow the recall instructions to ensure your pet’s safety.

How to Identify the Recalled Products

To ensure your pet’s safety, it’s important to carefully check if you have any of the recalled Green Tripe dog treats. Follow these steps to identify the recalled products:

  1. Locate the UPC Code: The Universal Product Code (UPC) is a unique 12-digit number found near the barcode on the product packaging. This code helps identify the specific product.
  2. Check the Item Number: The item number is another identifier that narrows down the product variant. It is typically found on the front or back of the packaging, often near the product name or description.
  3. Verify the Lot Code: The lot code is a batch number assigned during the production process, usually a combination of letters and numbers. This code is essential for tracking specific batches.
  4. Confirm the Best-By Date: The best-by date indicates the period during which the product is expected to remain at peak quality. This date is typically printed on the packaging, often on the side or bottom.

What to Do

If you have purchased the recalled Green Tripe dog treats, please follow these detailed steps to ensure the safety of your pets:

1. Stop Feeding

  • Immediately stop feeding the recalled treats to your pets. Continuing to feed these products could pose serious health risks due to potential metal contamination.
  • Separate the treats from other pet food items to avoid accidental feeding.

2. Dispose Safely

  • Carefully throw away the recalled treats. Ensure they are disposed of in a way that your pets cannot access them.
  • Use a sealed trash bag to prevent other animals from getting into the discarded treats.
  • Do not attempt to return the contaminated treats to the store; instead, follow the specific disposal instructions provided by TDBBS.

3. Check for Symptoms

  • Monitor your dog closely for any signs of illness or unusual behavior. Symptoms of metal ingestion may include:
    Lack of appetite
    Abdominal pain
  • If you notice any of these symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately. Early intervention can prevent more serious health issues.

4. Contact TDBBS

  • Reach out to TDBBS for information on returns or to ask any questions you may have. You can email them at Support@BestBullySticks.com or call 877-483-5853.
  • Customer service is available Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm EST. They can provide guidance on how to return the product and process a refund or replacement.

5. Sanitize

  • Clean any surfaces that may have come into contact with the recalled treats. This includes:
    Food bowls
    Storage containers
    Your hands and any utensils used to handle the treats
  • Use hot, soapy water to thoroughly clean these areas. This helps prevent any residual contamination that could harm your pets or family members.

Company Statement

Richmond, VA – TDBBS LLC is voluntarily recalling 3,551 bags of Green Tripe dog treats. TDBBS is deeply committed to ensuring the health and safety of your pets. As part of this commitment, they are taking all necessary steps to address the current recall situation.

Collaboration with the FDA

  • They are working closely with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure that the affected Green Tripe dog treats are promptly removed from store shelves and online inventories. You can see the recall on FDA site.
  • Their collaboration aims to ensure that all potentially harmful products are eliminated from the market to prevent any risk to pets.

Scope of the Recall

  • It is important to note that this recall is limited to specific lots of Green Tripe dog treats from the Barkworthies and Best Bully Sticks brands.
  • No other TDBBS products are involved in this recall. They are confident in the safety and quality of their other products.

Customer Support

  • They understand that you may have questions or concerns regarding this recall. As such, their customer support team is working to assist you.
  • You can reach them via email at Support@BestBullySticks.com or by calling 877-483-5853.
  • Their phone lines are open Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm EST.

Reporting Problems

For U.S. Citizens

If you have any complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products, you can report them to your local consumer complaint coordinator. Alternatively, you can visit the FDA’s “Report a Pet Food Complaint” page online for further instructions and to file a complaint.

For Canadians

Canadians can report any health or safety incidents related to the recalled product by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form. This form helps regulatory authorities address and investigate the issue.

Stay Updated

Recall and Safety Alerts:

  • It is crucial to stay informed about this recall and any other pet food safety alerts that may arise.
  • We encourage you to visit our website regularly for the latest updates and information on pet food safety.

Subscription Service:

  • You can also subscribe to our email alerts to receive immediate notifications about any future recalls or safety issues.
  • Our goal is to keep you informed and ensure the well-being of your pets.


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Jessica Comstock

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