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How To Puppy Proof Your House – Expert Recommendation

Is your puppy getting into trouble, destroying things around your house, getting into accidents? Maybe you have not puppy proof your house yet. Puppy proofing your house will prevent accidents, protect belongings, and ensure a safe environment for puppies.

Read my expert recommended guide to know how to puppy proof your house including puppy proofing techniques for both indoor and outdoor puppy proofing.

Puppy-Proofing Indoors

Puppy Proof Your House

Puppy-Proofing Indoors

To puppy proof the indoors of your house, you start by identifying the hazard, such as loose cords, toxic plants, small objects that could be swallowed, or accessible hazardous products.

Second, secure all the loose items by putting them away so that they can not be easily knocked over or chewed. It is important to put away items like shoes, electrical cords, or low-hanging decorations to avoid destructive incidents.

Thirdly, install baby gates to limit their access to specific areas of the house that are risky or have delicate items in them. For example, staircase, kitchen or other rooms with delicate items.

Fourthly, put away all your household chemicals out of their reach. This includes cleaning products, medications, and pesticides, etc. You can put them in cabinets or high shelves that your puppy can not reach. You can also use child-proof latches.

Lastly, to redirect a puppy’s chewing behavior, give them a bunch of safe chew toys. However, based on the nature and use of the indoor space your puppy-proofing approach may be different. To help you with your question “How To Puppy Proof Your House” let’s discuss everything you need to know for puppy roofing indoors.

Proofing Your Living Room

1. Proofing Your Living Room

Puppy-proofing the living room prevents accidents, protects valuables, and ensures a safe environment for both the puppy and household. Let’s secure your living room as we explore how to puppy proof your house.

Start by, covering all electrical outlets and cords to prevent any chewing of cords or sticking their nose into outlets. Start using cable organizers to keep your cables organized and put. Remove small objects that can be swallowed or choked on by your puppy.

Secure your furniture by anchoring it to walls, covering the sharp edges of your furniture. Remove any toxic plants from the living room, and change them to pet-friendly plants.

2. How to Puppy Proof a Bedroom

Puppy-proofing a bedroom prevents potential hazards like chewing on cords, ingesting small objects, damaging your items, or causing accidents, ensuring their safety.

Let’s discuss bedroom safety measures for ‘how to puppy-proof your house’. Store all your clothes and shoes in closed-off organizations, so that your puppy can’t reach them. Don’t leave your bedding, pillows, and blankets on the floor.

Use a washable bed cover as it will be easy to clean. Secure all the lids and doors of the organizers to prevent your puppy from accessing your items. Block off the area under the bed.

Place a bed or crate to give them an area of their own in your bedroom. Apply a deterrent spray or bitter apple spray to furniture legs or other areas to stop your puppy from chewing on them. Check the room for any items that may harm your puppy and put them away.

3. How to Puppy Proof a Bathroom

Puppy-proofing the bathroom prevents accidents, ingestion of harmful substances, choking hazards, and damage. Let’s ensure bathroom safety in ‘How To Puppy Proof Your House.

Start with locking down the toilet seat, this will help prevent your puppy from accessing the toilet bowl. There is a danger of your puppy drinking the water or falling into the toilet. You can also minimize the toilet water level to avoid such incidents. Install child-proof latches and place your items on higher shelves.

You can also install wall-mounted shelving. Install a trash can with square lead, to avoid overflowing the trash can. Also, avoid flimsy shower curtains, rather use a thicker, more durable option.

Use a barricade for the bathtub, and do not leave your bathroom floor wet. Put away items such as medications, cleaning supplies, electrical cords, small objects, and toilet paper rolls.

4. How to Puppy Proof Cables

Chewing cables can lead to electrical shocks, burns, or ingestion of harmful materials, posing serious health risks for puppies. ‘How to puppy-proof your house’ involves implementing safety measures regarding cables.

To puppy-proof cables you can use a cord cover or cable sleeves to protect cables. Keep cables elevated off the floor or secured along baseboards. This will reduce the likelihood of your puppy accessing them.

You can also bundle cables together and secure them with cable ties. Use bitter-tasting deterrent sprays to discourage chewing in pets. Offer plenty of chew toys and interactive toys to redirect your puppy’s chewing behavior.

5. How to Puppy Proof Carpet

Through puppy-proofing your carpet you can protect it from potential damage caused by chewing, scratching, and accidents. While house training (obedience training, potty training, crate training, separation anxiety training, etc.) your puppy uses pet-friendly cleaners to promptly clean up any accidents to prevent stains and odors.

Ensure regular nail trimming sessions. Supervise your puppy closely when they are in carpeted areas.

Use pet-safe deterrent sprays on areas of the carpet that your puppy frequently targets for chewing or accidents. Use carpet protectors or rugs in high-traffic areas or areas where your puppy spends a lot of time. Clean your carpet regularly to remove dirt, debris, and pet hair.

Puppy-Proofing Outdoors

Puppy-Proofing Outdoors

To puppy proof outdoor area you may want to consider fencing or netting, check for gaps or holes, fill in any gaps or holes, install baby gated, remove toxic plants or items containing toxins, remove any hazardous item, secure trash bin and waste management, ensure plenty of toys and supervision while your puppy is outdoor.

Let’s discuss how you can puppy proof your balcony and back yard, to understand, ‘how to puppy proof your house.

1. How to Puppy Proof a Balcony

To puppy proof a balcony you can install balcony netting to prevent your puppy from falling off the balcony. Anchor outdoor furniture to the walls or floor. Block any gaps or openings where your puppy could get stuck or slip through.

Remove any small and hazardous objects out of puppy’s reach. Monitor puppies and don’t leave them alone while they are on the balcony.

2. How to Puppy Proof Backyard

Begin with identifying and removing toxic plants from your backyard. Create a designated, safe area for your puppy to play. Install secured fencing to prevent your puppy from escaping and prevent digging.

Use secure, lidded trash bins. If you have a pond or pool, supervise your puppy around water features and install fencing or barriers around the area. Remove any sharp objects, tools, or equipment that could pose a danger to your puppy. Store the chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides puppy’s out of reach.

Install shedding to prevent your puppy from overheating. Choose pet-friendly plants and grass for your backyard to avoid using harmful pesticides or fertilizers. Create a designated digging area with loose soil or sand if your puppy enjoys digging.

Regularly inspect the backyard and clean it by promptly picking up waste and ensuring that no harmful substances are lying around.


To puppy-proof your house you may have to take care of multiple factors and make an investment. But this investment of time, money, and energy will ensure the puppy’s safety.

Now that you are equipped with everything you need to know about puppy-proofing techniques, you can indeed ensure a safe and happy home for your little friend. For more puppy information care visit our website.


Jessica Comstock

Jessica Comstock

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